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Criminal law is defined as a set of rules that clearly define prohibited acts, as well as the consequences of their commission by a citizen. Criminal law thus understood is characterised by equality, which means that everyone is equal before it.

Due to the subject matter, rules of application and the gravity of criminal acts, certain distinctions can be made in the field of criminal law. Under the criterion of the subject matter, substantive, procedural and executive criminal law are distinguished. Under the rules of application, common criminal law and individual criminal law are distinguished. According to the gravity of the offences committed, criminal law is divided into misdemeanour criminal law and criminal law sensu stricto.

Criminal law: an advocate and their role

Criminal law has numerous functions in social life. The overriding function of criminal law is that of justice, the purpose of which is to discharge the negative phenomena that have arisen in society as a result of bringing about a given criminal act.

The second important function of criminal law is the protective function, the purpose of which is to protect the interests of the individual subjects included in the legislation, as well as to protect the life and health of citizens. A natural consequence of the protective function of criminal law is its guarantee function. Criminal law is designed to guarantee the protection of the individual by the authorities.

Another function of criminal law is the function of compensation, which consists in the attempt to redress the evil caused by the criminal act. The beneficiary of the compensation function is the person who has been harmed by the described criminal act. The beneficiary may also be the family of the person harmed by the criminal act.

The last function of criminal law is the preventive function, which is to prevent the commission of criminal acts. One of the tools of prevention are the penalties provided for undertaking misdemeanours and criminal acts.

Ask our advocate: why should criminal cases be entrusted to experts?

Criminal law proceedings are characterised by a high degree of complexity. This is mainly due to the gravity of the offences committed, as well as the consequences that follow from them. In deciding whether to impose a custodial sentence, the court must carefully examine the case, consider the evidence of the prosecution and defence, the testimony of witnesses, and take into account any mitigating circumstances.

In a situation in which, for various reasons, we are suspected or even accused of committing a criminal act, it is worth to consult a good advocate. An advocate, whose specialty is criminal law will help us to prepare a line of defence, and in the case of finding guilt, to obtain the lowest possible penalty.

Criminal law and criminal cases – advocate in Warsaw

Criminal law is one of our specialisations, which we are constantly developing by expanding our competences. Our advocates provide legal assistance in all types and at all stages of prosecution and court proceedings, concerning in particular:

1. crimes against life and health,

2. crimes against property,

3. crimes against sexual freedom and morality,

4. crimes against family and guardianship,

5. crimes against honour and physical integrity,

6. crimes against the protection of information,

7. crimes against the credibility of documents.

We encourage clients from all over Poland to take advantage of our professional assistance. We remain at your disposal as consultants and in situations, in which an advocate is necessary as a result of temporary arrest and defence before the courts of all instances. We also invite the families of suspects and defendants of criminal offences to contact us. We will provide your loved ones with professional and reliable service at every stage of the ongoing proceedings. All information entrusted to us in the course of rendering legal assistance is subject to the advocate-client privilege, and thus is particularly protected. We operate not only in Warsaw – we welcome clients from all over Poland.

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