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Enforcement proceedings, restructuring, and bankruptcy

We provide legal representation in enforcement proceedings, with particular emphasis on real estate enforcement proceedings in which we challenge and eliminate the unlawful actions of court and tax enforcement officers.

Our firm provides comprehensive legal services in the situation of insolvency of an entrepreneur or threat of insolvency.

We recommend, implement, and monitor the course of the most appropriate form of proceedings – restructuring in a situation where there is a possibility of continuing business activity (proceedings for approval of a composition, accelerated composition proceedings, composition proceedings, sanative proceedings) or bankruptcy, leading to cashing in all of the entrepreneur’s assets and thus satisfying the creditors. We strive to protect management board members against personal liability for company obligations.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

1. identifying the prerequisites for an effective restructuring or bankruptcy;

2. indicating the proper time to file to avoid directors’ liability for the company’s debts;

3. drawing up a restructuring plan;

4. drafting of restructuring/bankruptcy petitions and all pleadings during the proceedings;

5. representation before courts, receivers/trustee and enforcement officials;

6. monitoring the legality of the receiver/trustee actions;

7. negotiations with creditors;

We also represent creditors in restructuring and bankruptcy proceedings, effectively pursuing their claims.

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Enforcement proceedings, restructuring, and bankruptcy
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