Our specialties
What we do
The scope of our legal assistance is determined, on the one hand, by the needs of our clients and, on the other hand, by our experience - successfully completed cases and projects. Our activities to date show that we are able to quickly and creatively, to the benefit of our clients, master also new issues arising in the course of providing legal assistance. In the presented list, however, we indicate the areas of specialization - legal issues, which we have encountered most frequently in our practice so far.
For business
For individuals
For business
Enforcement proceedings, restructuring, and bankruptcy
Contracts and commercial transactions
Commercial real estate
Capital Markets
Corporate law (corporate services)
Tender procedures (public procurement)
Dispute resolution, litigation, arbitration proceedings
For individuals
Dissolution of joint ownership
Division of property
Foreign currency loans
Inheritance law
Divorce cases
Consumer bankruptcy
Criminal cases
Family and guardianship law
Real estate matters
Kamil Jurczewski
Martyna B. Szczygielska
Prof. Marcin Jurgilewicz, Ph.D.
Wojciech Kępka-Mariański
Magdalena Nowosadzka