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Alimony proceedings do not require that the parties be represented by advocates. Cases related to the award of alimony, modification of its amount, or revocation of the alimony obligation may be heard by the court without the presence of an advocate of either party. Nevertheless, if you are a party in alimony proceedings, it is worthwhile to seek professional assistance. A good advocate will give us an advantage in such a case.

When is it a good idea to use an advocate?

It is a good idea to use an advocate in an alimony case when:

– you are committed to obtaining the highest possible amount of child support,

– a party is evading payment of alimony ordered,

– an alimony case involves spouses who are divorced or separated,

– the plaintiffs are parents seeking child support.

Possibility of receiving alimony

Polish law provides for two conditions that determine the possibility of receiving alimony:

– on the part of the beneficiary, the prerequisite is the lack of financial resources necessary to meet legitimate needs,

– on the part of the obligor, the premise is the earning capacity and property possibilities to pay the benefit.

The prerequisites to receive alimony can be interpreted differently in different situations. In the case of child support, the court may interpret the satisfaction of reasonable needs as allowing the child to live at a similar level as their parents. This applies in particular to the situation of a child after a divorce, which could reduce the child’s standard of living and limit opportunities for, for example, education. In the case of alimony for one of the spouses, the principle of living at a similar level is no longer applicable. If the child is the payer of the alimony, the court usually sets the amount of the alimony at a level that will allow to satisfy the basic living needs of the parent applying for alimony.

Warsaw: Reliable alimony advocate

Our firm offers professional and comprehensive assistance in alimony proceedings. We operate throughout the country, supporting our clients at every stage of the proceedings – from counselling, through the preparation of a lawsuit, to representation before the court. Our alimony advocate is a specialist in his field. We operate not only in Warsaw – we welcome customers from all over Poland.

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