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A divorce advocate is a person who specializes in comprehensive handling of divorce cases and matters connected with the effects of a divorce decree. In practice, a good advocate helps their client not only to obtain a divorce quickly, but above all, to sort out all formal and legal issues arising as a result of the termination of marriage.

In the vast majority of cases, the divorce advocate also handles issues related to:

– division of property,

– establishing custody of minor children,

– establishing a child support obligation to your children and/or spouse.

In practice, the assistance of a divorce advocate is invaluable, especially in situations where the former spouses part in conflict and are unable to work out a position on their own regarding elementary issues arising from the end of the marriage.

Divorce: a good advocate – do I need one?

Current law does not require parties in divorce proceedings to use the professional services of an advocate. This means that a divorce may be conducted without the participation of a divorce advocate. It should be remembered, however, that a party representing its interests before a court is obliged to comply with the formal requirements set forth in the provisions of civil procedure. This applies to pleadings filed in and out of court, as well as statements to the court and questions posed to witnesses.

The complexity of civil procedure and the emotions that accompany a divorce hearing are not conducive to representing one’s interests in court on one’s own. Especially since as a party we cannot count on the assistance of a judge or court clerks, who must be impartial. They will not give us legal advice that could violate this impartiality, and they will not assist us during the trial.

Trusting a good divorce advocate, we do not have to worry about the compliance of proceedings with civil procedure, as well as about a number of formalities necessary to be completed during the divorce hearing. The support of an advocate remains invaluable in a situation where the divorce is taking place in an atmosphere of conflict, and the parties to the proceedings are unwilling to reach an agreement outside the courtroom.

What can a divorce advocate offer?

The primary job of an advocate is to help the client. This may be advisory assistance or practical action. The scope of assistance is in each case determined by the client themselves, who has the right not to be represented by an advocate in divorce proceedings.

It is advisable to take the help of a divorce advocate in a situation where:

– we need an accurate assessment of our legal position,

– we are not sure we understand the official language and instructions on formal documents,

– spouse already has an advocate,

– we assume that our spouse will not play fair,

– we are concerned that as a result of the divorce, our spouse will make it difficult for us to have contact with our child or will turn our child against us,

– we suspect that our spouse will try to avoid paying alimony or will significantly underestimate the amount of alimony,

– you still share an apartment,

– the reason for the divorce is a mental or health disorder,

– during the course of the case, the issue of custody of a minor child will arise,

– you have accumulated significant assets during your marriage,

– a loan of a substantial amount was taken out during the marriage,

– one spouse earned significantly more than the other.

Divorce cases – advocate in Warsaw

If you are looking for a good divorce advocate we encourage you to contact us. Our firm provides counselling and litigation support in divorce cases of varying complexity. We provide assistance in the case of filing for divorce with the declaration of guilt, as well as cases arising from the termination of marriage. We specialise, among other things, in family law and guardianship matters as well as property issues. We operate not only in Warsaw – we welcome clients from all over Poland.

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