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Tender procedures (public procurement)

Our firm offers comprehensive legal services in the field of public procurement law including advice to contractors.

Our firm provides the following services in support of contractors:

at the bidding stage:

1. analysing the tender documentation (Terms of Reference) including the possibility to participate in the tender process and submit an offer,

2. support in contacts with the ordering party,

3. support in preparing and submitting an offer,

at the stage from the submission of the offer to the selection of the most advantageous offer:

1. support in contacts with the contracting authority, including in particular the submission of clarifications and additional documents,

2. drafting applications and letters during the bidding process,

3. examination and evaluation of bids submitted by other tenderers, including in particular their compliance with the requirements of the contract notice,

at the stage of proceedings before the National Board of Appeal:

1. preparing an appeal against the awarding authority’s choice of tender – depending on the outcome of the tender,

2. representation before the National Board of Appeal,

3. reparation of motions and letters during the proceedings before the National Board of Appeal.

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