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In legal advisory services we assume that the law is not only a phenomenon that regulates the functioning of entities in the surrounding socio-economic reality, but first and foremost a tool that, when skilfully applied, allows us to achieve the life and business goals of our clients.
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    Attorney – Warsaw

    Jurczewski Kępka-Mariański i Wspólnicy provides professional assistance in the field of advisory services and support in pre-court and court proceedings. Our services are addressed to business clients and private individuals, with the type and scope of legal services in each case adapted to their individual needs. We assist in the preparation of pleadings, represent our clients before courts and public administration bodies, offer legal representation, participate in mediations and negotiations.

    What distinguishes our law firm?

    What distinguishes us from other law firms is above all our approach to the client. When we undertake to handle a given case, we always try to understand your actions, motivation and situation. As a result, we carefully choose the course of action, at the same time making sure that it is the most beneficial from the perspective of your best interests, in which we invariably act.

    Law Firm Warsaw

    We encourage you to contact us. Jurczewski Kępka-Mariański i Wspólnicy is at your disposal in any situation in which you need a lawyer.

    What distinguishes our team is a friendly and direct approach to the client and their problem. By understanding your business and your current situation, we can ensure the implementation of effective legal solutions. At the same time, at each stage of our work, we clearly and comprehensibly inform you about the steps your lawyer takes and the factors that determine their actions. Should you have any questions or doubts, we remain at your disposal.